So, What Is an Opportunity-Focused Marketing Agency?

02.02.18 / Keith Kriegler

Hi. I’m Keith Kriegler, CEO of White Space. Thanks for reading my post, it’s the first of many to come and hope you find them informative and inspiring. 

My goal is to provide perspective about the continually changing world of marketing. Given my 20+ years in the industry working with a wide variety of businesses and Fortune 500 companies, I have first-hand experience helping brands decipher how to make sense of this exciting, dynamic and sometimes confusing industry. 

When I meet people, one of the first questions they ask is what do you do? When I say I’m in marketing, then comes the standard next question, oh, what type of marketing do you do? I know they expect to hear digital marketing, experiential, shopper marketing, etc. A common term that that they can easily understand and can relate to.  

However, my response always catches them off guard. I say, ‘we are an opportunity-focused marketing agency. We help clients fill the gaps in their marketing plans with exciting, new and different ways to reach consumers.’ Wow, that’s different they say. I’ve never heard of that before. And to that I say, good. 

I’ve always been a guy that thinks of what could be…what are the possibilities? I thrive on helping people, not clients because clients are people, and people are consumers. And, we all buy and consume things differently. What excites me is helping people see brands and their potential though a new lens.

Many years ago, as I was leaving ABT Appliances in Chicago, I was handed a card with a quote on it. When I got into my car, I opened and read it. The quote said, “talent hits a target no one else can hit; a genius hits a target no one else can see.” Wow!

I must have read it five times and thought this is me. Not saying that I’m a genius, but it’s that I see things differently, and as the leader of an agency, I don’t shy away from making bold moves. I believe it’s how you, a brand, a team, sets themselves apart.  

At White Space we help you find your opportunity for growth first. Enabling clients to hit a target no one else sees and being first to market with it thrills clients and us. Unconventional, exciting, and thought-provoking ideas is what we’re about. Then, using a mix of tactics to bring the idea to life by putting a clever, creative spin on it enables clients stand out and stand apart. That’s what makes us unique, different and special.  

I held on to that card for many years, even had it framed. I always remember the saying because it still holds true today. Maybe more so now than ever before.  

To your success. Keith