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Discovering the unseen.

You are at point A. You want to get to point B.
Do you take a train, bus, car, bike, or walk? We might suggest kayaking.
Or skipping point B and going right to point C or D.

We think differently. This is White Space. A multi-media marketing agency.

Screen Shot Kayak Dark.jpg

Consumers buy differently today
than they did just 10 years ago.

  • MEDIA EXPLOSION: The media landscape has become insanely cluttered.

  • LOST TRUST: People are jaded and don’t believe marketing claims.

  • TECHNOLOGY EMPOWERED: Consumers are in control and have more choices than ever about what they watch and which brands they choose to interact with.

Their approach enabled us to tell a story that we didn’t realize existed.
— John Timmons / Director of Marketing GOJO Industries, Purell